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hello there, my name is milflwyddol anfodlonrywdd (welsh; discontent millennial) and this is my dreamwidth. i am a nineteen year old teenager who thinks that i know more about issues than i really do. really, i just spend all my time either working or on my computer, watching the stupid thing that my generation does and cry a little while losing even more faith in humanity.

i am an apathetic piece of shit who writes in lapslock more than anything else, mainly because i'm lazy and don't want to take the half second it takes to hit the 'shift' key to capitalize a word. if you have a different opinion than i do and try to argue it, more than likely, i won't care and probably just ignore you. people don't know how to properly debate and never compromise to see the other side of an argument, sticking with their opinion because, in their mind, they can't possibly be wrong.

but i digress.

this is basically going to be a place where i place my ramblings about why i hate my generation and how i dislike most things. i'm open to discussions, just, respect that fact that i will sometimes disagree with your view on things. it's natural. it's part of the human condition. so there. ha.


anfodlonrwydd ♥


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