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"it doesn't count"

i've heard this time and time again when i mention that my father is british and that, technically, i am mixed. it's the truth, i'm english, welsh, and irish-hungarian-american. if you call any of those groups the same, you'll get your ass kicked. the other ethnic groups in the british isles hate being compared to the english as, spoiler alert, they are not the same. they have different cultures and, once upon a time, different languages. hell, they still do. welsh was a dying language that is now seeing a resurgence and irish gaelic is still used to this day.

i am tired of hearing that i only have one ethnic background because the colour of my skin is pasty white and i speak english for my first language, that my father and mother are white. that is utterly ridiculous as they are completely different in background, my mother being raised in a primarily irish household and my father being born in england and raised in wales, his first language being welsh. he would laugh if you called him irish-hungarian.

it would be like comparing kenyans to south africans, or the japanese and koreans, calling them all the same.

just because the colour of my skin may be white, my background is mixed.

it's the same when i point out that i do have my own culture, being raised in an anglo-irish household my entire life, and then hearing "it doesn't count" because i "don't have the accent."

okay? you don't have a japanese first or last name and you can't speak a single word of japanese, so i guess you're just american :^) but of course, i'm the asshole for pointing that out. even if you look like a certain ethnic group but you don't make the effort to connect to your roots and learn where you came from, you have no right to claim that i can't connect to mine just because i don't have something as trivial as a permanent accent.

just because you are an anglophile and speak in a butchered "oxford" accent doesn't mean you can force me away from my heritage. i hate to break it to you, but the british isles isn't a diverse place of people with funny accents, it's a land with it's own culture and it's own language. just because you wear the costume doesn't mean you belong.

speaking of- if it's so wrong to wear something from another culture, why the fuck is it okay to wear mine? "because britain colonized half the world!!!" you may scream, but that doesn't make any sense. if we go by that logic, you would be all over grecian and mediterranean culture as well, seeing as how the roman empire was just as big.but of course you aren't, it isn't as fun. 

fuck you for taking my culture from me and fuck you for calling me evil just for being white, despite the fact that the culture you love so much is primarily, get this, white. what a fucking shock.

at least i'm learning how to speak my father's first language and my ancestors language.




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